Lucky 3 Ball

Lucky 3 Ball is a fun game of chance with draws every 5 minutes! In every Lucky 3 Ball game 3 numbers are randomly generated from a possible 10 where the more numbers that you have selected are in order, the more you win.

Playing Lucky 3 Ball is easy

Lucky 3 Ball is drawn every 5 minutes in every day, with 288 draws per day.

There are ten balls numbered 0 to 9 from which five winning numbers are randomly selected. You choose 1, 2, 3, or 3 numbers from 0 to 9 and match your numbers with the 3 balls.

There are two ways you can play Lucky 3 Ball:
- Marking a Lucky 3 Ball coupon with your favourite numbers; or
- Asking for a QuickPick and letting the terminal randomly generate the numbers for you.

Winning Lucky 3 Ball

To win Division 1 in Lucky 3 Ball you must have the 3-digit Lucky 3 Ball numbers matching the exact sequence as the numbers drawn. You can also win a prize if your Lucky 3 Ball number matches the sequence of the numbers drawn. In all there are 5 prize divisions. Read more about Lucky 3 Ball winning combinations and how to claim Lucky 3 Ball prizes.

How to Play Lucky 3 Ball

Playing Lucky 3 Ball is easy! 3 balls are drawn at random from 10 balls numbered 0 to 9. You choose 3 numbers from 0 to 9 and the aim is to have the correct numbers in the order drawn. The more numbers in order, the more you win.

To win first division you need to match 3 numbers in a single game from the 3 balls from the draw.

Entry Types
Mark a Lucky 3 Ball Coupon

If you’ve got numbers that are really special to you they could mean more to you when you play Lucky 5 Ball. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Grab a Lucky 3 Ball Coupon at your local Lucky Lottery Outlet
2. Mark 1 to 5 numbers in each game panel
3. Play 1 - 18 game panels

Play with QuickPicks

QuickPick Entries are perfect if you’re in a rush or playing Lucky 3 Ball for the first time because your numbers are generated at random for you.

Ticket Prices

The current Lucky 3 Ball prices are listed below.

Entry TypeEquiv. Standard GamesCost
6 Game QuickPick6$ 6.45
12 Game QuickPick12$ 12.90
Regular QuickPick14$ 15.05
Super QuickPick18$ 19.35
Mega QuickPick25$ 26.90
Jumbo QuickPick36$ 38.70
Maxi QuickPick50$ 53.80

Entry TypeEquiv. Standard GamesCost
1 Game1$ 1.10
2 Game2$ 2.15
3 Game3$ 3.25
4 Game4$ 4.30
5 Game5$ 5.40
6 Game6$ 6.45
7 Game7$ 7.55
8 Game8$ 8.60
9 Game9$ 9.70
10 Game10$ 10.75
11 Game11$ 11.85
12 Game12$ 12.90
13 Game13$ 14.00
14 Game14$ 15.05
15 Game15$ 16.15
16 Game16$ 17.20
17 Game17$ 18.30
18 Game18$ 19.35

How to Win Lucky 5 Ball

To win a prize in Lucky 5 Ball, you need to match at least 1 winning number on your Lucky 3 Ball entry. Prices are paid for the following winning number combinations:

DivisionMatching NumbersPrize
One3$ 5,000
Two2$ 500
Three1$ 10

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